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Announcing a baby’s birth is a delicate and momentous occasion in which you want to send out cards that clearly convey your joy. Along with the card design and maybe a picture showcasing your pride and joy, your birth announcement wording can reflect a traditional or casual tone.

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Baby birth announcement

Introducing your new bundle of joy to your eagerly awaiting family and friends is absolutely precious. Sending them a card designed with a photograph of your new treasured being will give your family and friends a glimpse and the opportunity to celebrate the moment with you.

It’s acceptable to send out the announcement straight after the birthing if you want to be extremely prepared or even 6 months later if you’re more comfortable.

Acting as a new bearer, your cards will also replicate as a reminder for all your loved ones to keep during this joyous moment.

Your birth announcements can be as creative as you’d like them to be. Remembering that there’s no right or wrong way of doing this, it’s really just a cute way of letting everyone important in your life know that you’ve expanded your family.

Several parents are adapting to the new trending method with their big news by having funny birth announcements.  If you feel like this is more of your style and would rather stand out and be unique, then have a look at what current parents are doing with declaring their special news right here!

Whichever way you decide to design your announcement cards, it’s important to stay true to one that reflects your family’s personality. We have suggestions that’ll inspire how you want to notify everyone for one of the happiest moments of your life.

Birth Announcement wording

Birth announcements can be a bit of a tear jerker for those who are close to you. The excitement of creating new life and introducing it to the world can be overwhelming. Your wording needs to be meaningful, intimate and very heartfelt.

You need to further detail the newborn’s name, weight, birthdate, length and the suggestive healthy condition of both mother and child to ensure your loved ones that everything went well.

Adding a further quality touching quote, personal message or meaningful poem will emphasize the special occasion.  With the essential information, you can customise it however you like!

Don’t forget to add both parents name and if this isn’t your first child, you can include its siblings names along with the pet’s for a unified family announcement. Everyone should be a part of this special moment in welcoming the safe arrival of your newborn.

We have great ideas and examples of birth announcement wordings you can use, together with event invitation inspirations and actual baby birth announcement card suggestions you can’t resist!